Volvero is an app to help vehicle owners share ownership costs with people that need to rent..


Modern society is in need of new efficient transportation alternatives. Indeed, public transport is crowded, inflexible or absent, especially in extra-urban areas. At the same time, car rental services are rigid and expensive, thus people not owning a private vehicle are restricted from free movement.

Still, car ownership is not feasible taking into account that the society is facing a high underutilization of vehicles with cars not being used for 96% of the time occupying parking spaces and producing pollution. This includes corporations that own vehicles that could be monetized and car dealers that are looking for new business models as millennials are not interested in car purchasing.

The problem, therefore, has three dimensions which are people in need of economic transportation for different needs, owners in need of reducing their vehicles’ costs, and the issue of overproduction and under usage of vehicles contributing to pollution and waste of resources.


Volvero is a drive sharing app where owners can share their vehicles with drivers. Our app creates a system in which one can have access to a car, a motorcycle, or commercial vehicle in the most efficient and sustainable way saving time and money. By registering on our platform owners can set the sharing time, distance, price, and other terms, being able to accept or decline drivers’ request. At the same time, drivers are able to choose any vehicle and terms of sharing that best suit their needs.

With the help of AI and advanced technologies, Volvero guarantees maximum security and transparency providing necessary information such as the performance of owners, drivers, and vehicles. Overcoming outdated paperwork, Volvero creates smart contracts at the start of the ride while one of a kind built-in insurance covers drivers and all kinds of vehicles.

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